He Is Remembered,Will You Be?!

His name is Steve Jobs(Feb 25,1955-Oct 5 2011)

You might not be knowing his name but i bet you know Apple products.He’s well known for his great work in the Apple inc. As among the co-founders.He was just as other ordinary people,some of us might even be living a better life than he had during his childhood.unfortunately if we are not curious enough,we might not be remembered or recognised just like our parents,grand parents.unless we consider some Characters from him.

1.He focused more on his career and less on his personal life.This made him keep track to his goal.

2.He had the ability to recognise brilliance in others.

3.He had the ability to believe in his ideas,absolutely and without questions.

5.He had the ability to challenge people and inspire them to do what they thought was impossible.

6.He figured out what he was passionate about.

You too Can!